SB 5770 - BAD Bill

Bill Title: Raising the limit factor for property taxes

Committee: Ways and Means
Companion Bill: HB 1670

Bill Summary:

  • AN ACT Relating to raising the limit factor for property taxes;
    amending RCW 84.55.005 and 84.55.100; creating a new section; and
    repealing RCW 84.55.0101

What the Bill says:

  • It will use the population plus the consumer price index to set the property tax base rate higher at a minimum of 1.01% to a maximum of 1.03% from the 1.00% it is now. 

Our Summary Opinion:

  • It repeals the citizens initiative which was passed to cap property taxes. Our state has year over year had surplus revenues. This is not the time or the year for our property taxes to be increased considering the economic stress on the middle class. Add to that all the other taxes the state legislature has afforded the local municipalities and districts to enact while the people are overwhelmed with inflation exploding.
Status: Hearing in Ways and Means January 18th 4:00 PM

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