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Our system makes it easy to send your comments directly to all members of the committee. Your personalized message is delivered immediately and you will receive a copy for your records.

How to Send Your Message

Grassroots > Easy > Fast > Personal > Impactful

Step 1

Research Your Bill

Check our Legislation and Bills pages (and other resources) to educate yourself on the Bill and to formulate your point of view and comments.

Step 2

Compose Your Message

Your message goes to all members of the Committee considering your bill.

  • Note the Chamber (House or Senate), Bill Number and Committee Name before proceeding.
  • To start, fill in your information on the first page. Then, on the second page, fill in the Bill # and your Name on the email subject provided for you.
  • Then, compose your personalized message, review and submit!

Please be courteous and civil, but also ensure your message is fact-based and backed by sound, rational evidence and (above all) common sense.

Step 3

Spread The Truth

You can send one message per Bill; feel free to comment on many Bills. Also, be sure to share this website with your friends and like-minded citizens to spread the word and make an impact on the legislative process!

Your Message to the Committee

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