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Our mission is to provide YOU, the individual voter, with the most current information possible regarding bills as they proceed through the legislature. We read almost every bill and post as many important bills as Olympia Watch can on this site.

Many good bills never get a hearing and thus are not passed from the committee assigned onto the next step. One person, usually the majority chair of that committee, holds the power to stop the bills from having a hearing. While this is obviously not in the best interest of the people, our messaging system was designed to address this problem. Sending individual messages is powerful and can pressure committee members and the committee chair to see that good bills are heard and have a chance to be passed into law.


Get Motivated

We are in unprecedented times and need every voter to get involved. Your quality of life and freedom are at stake! One voice, among many, is how it starts.

The key is knowing how the political system works. OlympiaWatch is your one-stop shop to learn how to effectively navigate Washington State politics.

“The squeaky wheel gets the grease” – We make it easy for you to engage Olympia directly and make your voice heard to the right lawmakers!

Start Here

Reach the Senate or House Committee and let them know what you think about a specific piece of legislation before it goes to a hearing!

About us

OlympiaWatch.org is a privately funded group of concerned Washingtonians whose sole purpose is to provide accurate information to voters so they can take action and voice their opinion and concerns directly to the committees in Olympia who are considering legislation that impacts all of us. We are affiliated with SW Washington Republicans PAC.

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