Bill Title: Preventing vaccination status discrimination.

Committee: Civil Rights and Judiciary
Companion Bill: none

Bill Summary:

  • AN ACT Relating to preventing discrimination based on vaccination
    status and creating the medical freedom act;

What the Bill says:

  • There must not be any discrimination with regards to vaccine status and no entity public or private may require vaccines status identification cards or passports in order to enter and receive services. It allows for the state to have a vaccine registry but requires an informed “opt out” form be provided by the department of health and medical providers. Any immunization approved by the United States food and drug administration only for emergency use may not be required for attendance at a public or private school in the state or licensed day care center.

What the bill means:

  • People will retain their medical privacy as well as freedom. They will not be denied access to schooling or employment let alone shopping or entertainment based upon a vaccine status.


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