HB 1229 - Mostly GOOD BILL

Bill Title: Updating processes related to voter registration

Committee: Transportation
Companion Bill: SB 5112

Bill Summary:

  •  By request of Secretary of State) READ FIRST TIME 02/17/23. SHB 1229 A new section is added to chapter 29A.08 RCW to read as follows: A person applying for government services which require proof of  citizenship as part of that application may receive automatic voter registration services by providing the following information: (1) Name; (2) Residential address; (3) Date of birth;(4) A signature attesting to the truth of the information  provided on the application; (5) An address where the person receives mail, if different from the residence address; and (6) Presentation of documentation as part of another government  transaction confirming the individual is a United States citizen.

What the Bill says:

  • It stops the auto checked box currently in use at DOL and returns to a process of asking the question. It requires confirmation of the question regarding citizenship and requires proof at certain agencies.

What the bill means:

  • It mandates that voter rolls be purged every 4 years of inactive voters. It lays out a process by which to accomplish the task. It deals with voter registrations that are not legally allowed to be voters. It stops the forwarding of mail and ballots. While it may not be perfect it is absolutely an improvement over the current system. 

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