HB 1110 - BAD Bill

Bill Title: Increasing middle housing in areas traditionally dedicated to single-family detached housing.

Committee: Appropriations
Companion Bill: SB 5190

Bill Summary:

  • AN ACT Relating to creating more homes for Washington by increasing middle housing in areas traditionally dedicated to single family detached housing;

What the Bill says:

  • To unlock opportunity for Washingtonians it is necessary to lift  bans on the development of modest home choices in cities near job  centers, transit, and amenity-rich neighborhoods. Homes developed at higher densities and gentle density housing  types are more affordable by design for Washington residents both in  their construction and reduced household energy and transportation  costs.

Our Summary Opinion:

  • It MANDATES building up to 6 “housing units” per single family lot. It does NOT mandate either parking spaces or tree canopy. Currently most of our urban areas zone and code according to the city zoning and codes. This makes for 3500 sq ft lots for a single family structure. Now they want 5 or 6 of them on that same 3500 sq ft lot? This will absolutely destroy both the ability to park anywhere near your place of abode but even more egregious is the idea that entire communities will be decimated by overcrowding. Quality of life will be destroyed. It will not be healthy without any trees or plant life either. Crime will explode as we have seen in so many urban cores nationwide. Who wins with this bill? High density developers? Landlords? Certainly not the people! Vote No for funding the bill.

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