ESSB 5599 - BAD Bill

Bill Title: Supporting youth and young adults seeking protected health care services.

Committee: Rules - House
Companion Bill: none

Bill Summary:

  • AN ACT Relating to supporting youth and young adults seeking protected health care services;

What the Bill says:

  •  The legislature finds that unsheltered homelessness for youth poses a serious threat to their health and safety. The Trevor project has found that one in three transgender youth report attempting suicide. Homelessness amongst transgender youth can further endanger an already at-risk population. The legislature further finds that barriers to accessing shelter can place a chilling effect on exiting unsheltered homelessness and therefore create additional risk and dangers for youth. Youth seeking certain medical services are especially at risk and vulnerable. Therefore, the legislature intends to remove barriers to accessing temporary, licensed shelter accommodations for youth seeking certain protected health care services.

Our Summary Opinion:

  • This bill seriously interferes with parental rights and goes so far as to ensure that parents cannot be on equal footing with the government or even a total stranger whether licensed or not to provide physical housing and food secreting a CHILD away. A runaway can then use their parents insurance and receive any form of gender affirming care without protection from a parent and be in the physical custody without an order from the court of literally anyone else even a groomer for pedophiles! Please take action and speak up!
  • Passed in the Senate on party lines. Has a hearing in the house on March 22nd at 1:30 pm

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