E2SHB 1143 - BAD Bill

Bill Title: Concerning requirements for the purchase or transfer of firearms.

Committee: Law and Justice SENATE
Companion Bill: SB 5211

Bill Summary:

  • AN ACT Relating to enhancing requirements for the purchase or transfer of firearms by requiring a permit to purchase firearms, firearms safety training, and a 10-day waiting period, prohibiting firearms transfers prior to completion of a background check, and updating and creating consistency in firearms transfer and background check procedures;

What the Bill says:

  • The individual wishing to purchase ANY firearm will have to wait 10 days minimum, have gone through safety training every 5 years, and must consent to their background check including the invasion of their medical records privacy.

Our Summary Opinion:

  • It removes any and all personal privacy regarding medical health. It tracks weapons purchased by anyone and records those records in a state police data base which is currently not legal. It lengthens the waiting period for the access to any weapon purchased.

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